A Directed Acyclic Graph Protocol with Smart Contracts Enforcement
Ethereum X
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About Us

Our Vision

Ethereum is suffering because of its success. Due to the excessive number of token sales, the main Ethereum chain is now saturated and transaction speed is the first affected. Ether main purpose is only to fuel DApps like ICOs or CryptoKitties. ETH therefore strug-gles to gain value and would never be a robust monetary asset. That’s why we created Ethereum X, an Ethereum scalable side chain dedicated to payments. Our vision is to take Ethereum to the next level as a financial asset.

Ethereum development was a key stage and has been extremely cheered by the crypto community. Major technological break-throughs were achieved by their team, and the world’s blockchain ecosystem is definitely grateful for that. However, Ethereum re-mains focused on the technical field and does not propose solu-tions to be commonly used by the general public. Ethereum X will bring the missing link required for the everyday life use.

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Our Values

We are a team of cryptographic engineers and developers, driven by a common passion towards decentralisation. Ethereum X will pave the way for new scalable opportunities never achieved be-fore. We are concerned to take our time and communicate on our progress being as transparent as possible. We remind that we love Ethereum, we do not concur with them. Ethereum is a fuel for de-centralised applications (DApps), Ethereum X is a fuel for global payments.

A Community

One of the inherent principles of a cryptocurrency is based on the sharing and collaborative economy. Thus, we believe that our greatest strength is you, our community. Each individual contributes to the durability of the ETHX currency, either by holding it or mining it. That is why we strive to reward our community every time a participation is made to the Ethereum X de-velopment. We recently ran a bounty campaign thanks to all of you who helped us to translate and promote Ethereum X.

Our first airdrop was another milestone involving our community. As mentioned above, our core value is transparency. To do so, we communicate through our social media channels : Twitter, Facebook and Telegram. We really value your feedback as every single voice is im-portant.

For All

Ethereum X is here for everyone, for everyday use :

  • Spend your Ethereum X with our physical credit card
  • Use the mobile app to trade, pay and send ETHX
  • Benefit from the best exchange rates
  • Benefit from the lowest fees
  • Trade your ETHX with ETH