Finance & Marketing

Use of Supply

The ETHX token will support our vision and we therefore do not distribute it through an ICO. ETHX was spread for free during airdrops or made directly available on exchanges. The 5,000,000 tokens are allocated as followed:


2,000,000 (40%) of the coins will be available on the most used trading platforms

Team & Advisors

1,000,000 (20%) used to continue developing a high-quality team. If you share our vision and think you have the good skills, feel free reach out to us to join our team.

Partnerships & Development

1,000,000 (20%) will be used for partnerships with other companies, production of payment devices and issuance of credit cards.


500,000 (10%) are being donated by Airdrop to promote Ethereum X.

Bounty Campaign

50,000 (1%) distributed during the Bounty Campaign, including bitcointalk campaign, social media campaign and content creation contests.

Security Audi

50,000 (1%) for the security audit of the smart contract.

Token Pre-Allocation

400,000 (8%) was used for the Token Pre-Al-location.