Product Development


Beta Ethereum X application

We will release a beta application to collect user reviews and answer to the community. The app is expected to come out in Q1 2018 on Android and later on iOS. We are very sensitive about our community welfare, so we try to do our best to keep our members informed about the latest news. The app will also help us to inform and get suggestions.

Team Expansion

Ethereum X is community driven. If you are also a cryptography and distributed ledger tech-nology enthusiast and want to support the project, please feel free to contact us. Additional developers as well as community managers for our social networks will be hired soon.


As a payment solution provider, we strive to make it easier for e-commerces to integrate our solution. We will provide a platform for websites to accept Ethereum X. It is important to work with these commerces as many of them are not knowledgeable about cryptocurrency and have no idea on how to implement such solutions. We are that help, their guardian and their guarantee that everything will be smooth.

For other companies willing to implement our payment solution, there will be some easy-to-se-tup processes. One of them is Shopify. Shopify is a worldwide framework used for easily creating e-commerce websites without the hassle of maintaining the technical side. Shopify stated that there are almost 400.000 websites using their software with around 130 million unique cus-tomers. Others prospected integrations but not limited to : WooCommerce, Magento, various WordPress e-commerce plugins.

An API for our official Ethereum X wallet is also part of the roadmap. This will allow more advised users to directly work with our wallets functions and directly implement their custom payment solution on their website.

This way, we can both contact websites or be contacted to establish a partnership. Our team and our community will always try to support any website willing to implement Ethereum X.